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Callie, Female Rogue - 77033-04-large

Player Character: Vinaya the Assassin

The party’s rogue is an assassin tiefling-like hybrid. Vinaya specializes in stealthy bow attacks, so the miniature should be female, stealthy and using a bow. Many Reaper miniatures fit that profile, but there was already one in my Bones 1 Kickstarter: Callie, Female Rogue (77033)!

Here is the group of adventureres from the 5e Tyranny of Dragons campaign:

Adventurers: Tyranny of Dragon

The plastic version of Callie, Female Rogue (77033) looks like a version with softened features and edges of the original Gene Van Horne sculpt. This was one miniature, I did not particularly like very much as a Bones version. It was because of this miniature, I started to prefer metal miniatures for my player characters, as they show more/finer details, sharper edges and no bent swords or bow.

However, the new Black Bones line is a huge improvement in that regard. I haven’t painted many Black Bones to date, but I am looking forward to seeing how they handle in terms of details and stability.

Many nice painters posted their versions of Callie online, and as always here is a short list of my favorites:


I just glued the mini on a 1-inch Reaper plastic base and put some sand and stones on it. Others don’t seem to use bowstrings very often for their figures holding a bow. I like them better with a visible bowstring, so I build one out of a paperclip and glued it on before priming. Then, I used my usual method and primed the mini black and then white with the airbrush.


I started with eh base, then the face of the mini. As most of the face is hidden under the cowl, there was no need to paint any eyes (yay!). But the proportions of the mouth were quite a bit off: The miniature looks like Callie is the sister of The Joker or something, if you get what I mean. But maybe that’s the reason she’s hiding her face after all?

As it has been *uhm* almost 5 years now since I painted the figure, I cannot remember if I did something special while painting it. I purposely choose the color scheme to be mainly darker earth colors, due to the stealthiness of the character. It needed some highlights and contrast, so I used gray and brown. As I planned to have all my player characters to have a strong identifying color, I chose a royal blue for Vinaya.

Here she is!