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Frost Giant King (Reaper Miniatures 77591)

Frost Giant King (77591)

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The last miniature of the Frost Giants from the Reaper Miniatures Bones 3 Kickstarter for me was the Frost Giant King. It’s a heavily armored and armed Frost Giant with a stupidly large horned helmet. He fits well into the group and definitely looks like their leader.

Reaper Miniatures’ Frost Giant King (77591), like the other Frost Giants from the Bones 3 Kickstarter, was sculpted by Bobby Jackson. He is rather bulky and has a lot of armor pieces, a hand axe, a sword, a dagger, and a javelin on him. You can think of the helmet as a little bit ridiculous, as those horns should be more of a problem than anything else for this guy, but I buy it that this is just showing his status.

Anyway, it’s a nice figure. I didn’t finish him in time to use the mini in my Storm King’s Thunder campaign for the Frost Giant antagonists, however. But for the next Frost Giant Jarl, this will be the right figure!

Here are three nicely painted versions of this miniature. I like the one from Kingmob very much, as this is the same direction and general color theme I wanted for my Frost Giants as well.

Basing and Priming

Like with the other Frost Giants, I based the figure on a 3-inch (huge) Reaper plastic base and decorated the base with sand and pebbles.

The miniature was primed via Airbrush using Vallejo black and white primer.


My color theme for the Frost Giants was a cold blue skin, off-white hair with blue shadows, earth-tone browns for the leathers and a silver metallic color for the armor and weapons.

For the Frost Giant king, I wanted something a little bit more special. I imagined him wearing a special armor that should stand out. While with the Fire Giants, I would have gone heavy into gold for the armor, but I did not want to include any too warm colors in the Frost Giants. So I chose a blueish tint for the metal armor. I’ve seen these colors working in video games for cold themed characters, especially The Elder Scrolls Online. So I gave it a try with the king mini as well. In hindsight, I again should have used more ink to deepen the contrasts/shadows for the armor to make it pop out more.

The weapons are also supposed to be special in my mind. I tried emphasizing that by coloring them in a very shining silver to simulate mithril.

For the furs, I again used a warmer white tone. Finally, I added a snow effect from Armypainter to the base.

Overall, I think the figure turned out good, but could be better. It will work for the gaming table 🙂

Finally, let me show you all the Frost Giants together as a group!