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Monster Menagerie 3 #25B - Empyrean

D&D Repaint: WizKids Empyrean (25B)

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The second Empyrean (25B) from WizKids Monster Menagerie 3 is also a huge model that I wanted to convert into a Cloud Giant for my Storm King’s Thunder campaign. This time, I wanted to add more details to make the figure into a boss type NPC/monster.

Factory paint job

Together with its small variation (25A), this Empyrean (25B) was available online for a very small price. I think I bought one of them for 4 euros. Maybe people do not really need huge miniatures for chaotic good celestial titans for their game. Who knows.

The 25B comes with a green tunic and a slightly different war hammer than its twin. Again, my model came with a bent hammer. So sad.

To make the second figure a bit more different, I took off the weapon hand and reattached it at a different angle. I furthermore added a mask and a necklace with green stuff. Since Storm King’s Thunder fleshed out the Cloud Giants a bit more, the nobles and priest now like to use masks a lot. The mask also helps to hide the Empyrean’s face 😉 Wearing the mask, the figure could also be used as a Cloud Giant Smiling one from D&D 5th edition.

Basing and Priming

I pretty much liked the 3-inch base, so I just added some sand and pebbles on it. The figure was not primed, I just painted over it.


The same color recipes were used for the skin and the armor. I went a bit more greenish for the teal clothes and added a simple gold pattern on it. The mask was painted in warm white and the war hammer in a blueish silver.

And again, to really make it a Cloud Giant, I used stuffed toy animal filling to simulate clouds for the figure’s hair and on the base.

I hope the miniature looks as royal as I tried to paint it. I like the final result very much!