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Beasts! Barrow Rats (77198) and Rat Swarm (77129)

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In the cave of the goblin tribe that attacked Nightstone, a goblin wererat and his pack of rats waited for the adventurers to find them. The goblin had a nice range of different beasts to send after the intruders: rats, giant barrow rats, and rat swarms. Reaper packed these miniatures in the first Reaper Bones Kickstarter, so now I would paint and use them all here 😉 Let’s start with the barrow rats and the swarm!

The Barrow rats (77198) from Reaper Miniatures were sculpted by Julie Guthrie. These beasts are as large as a big dwarf, and they look really sickly. The Vermin: Rat Swarm (77129) minis from Reaper were sculpted by Sandra Garrity. The swarm doesn’t look like much. But sometimes you might need a mini for one.

Basing and Priming

I glued the minis on 1-inch standard plastic bases and decorated the bases with sand. Then, I primed the figures using my airbrush in black and white Vallejo primer. So, same as always.


Not much to talk about: The barrow rats are missing some fur, so I painted them with a light skin tone and with gray fur. Same for the rat swarm. You really have to take a minute to look at the rat swarm to identify what the mini is supposed to be. But they will play their role on the battlefield 🙂