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Oxidation Beast (Reaper Miniatures 77032)

Oxidation Beast (77032)

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After things cleared up in Nightstone, my players started to explore where the goblin raiders came from. They followed them into a nearby cave. Surprise! Rust monsters live in a forgotten pit there. These classic monsters are the bane of every fighter using metal weapons and armor: They are gradually destroyed (in 5th edition) when fighting the rust monsters.

The oxidation beast (77032) from Reaper Miniatures was sculpted by Kevin Williams. I think I got my two miniatures as part of the first Reaper Bones Kickstarter.

The rust monster is a very classic monster in Dungeons and Dragons. It has been part of the game since 1st edition and resembles a kind of insect but with the size of a small pony. Of course, it’s rusty colored, too. Here is a picture of the rust monster from the 5th edition Monster Manual. The Reaper does have the official license from Wizards of the Coast, but the design is pretty spot on.

Basing and Priming

These beasts usually dwell in ruins or somewhere dark. So I used a flagstone base for one miniature, and a wooden plank base for the other miniature I had. I primed the figures using my airbrush in black and white Vallejo primer.


So, the color choice was obvious. I didn’t have any rust effect figments, that would be nice to use here. So I tried to emulate a rust color by using brown and orange tones. I painted both rust monsters oxidation beasts rather quick and dirty in an hour or so. Good enough for the battlefield! 😉