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Beasts! Companion Animals: Bear (77216)

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After the last couple of posts were focused on beasts, I will post some more of them. Completely unrelated to the D&D campaign, sometimes you just want to paint a specific miniature. For me, this is rather unusual, as I almost always have a specific NPC or encounter in mind when painting miniatures. The first Reaper Bones Kickstarter had a pack of Companion Animals. I don’t remember why, but I felt the need to paint the brown bear from this set, and here it is!

The Companion Animals (77216) include a panther, hawk, wolverine, wolf, and a bear. I’ve put all of them on bases and primed them, but I only painted the bear thus far.


The bear was a very nice miniature that was pleasingly easy to paint. I just painted the basecoat with some darker and lighter areas and applied a dark brown wash for the shadows. Then, basic drybrushing did the trick for the fur. Finally, I used forest floor decoration materials for the base. Done!