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Beasts! Beetles (77127) and Beetle Swarm (77130)

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And still, more beasts are coming! What about some beetles and beetle swarms? These miniatures look so trivial, I was hesitating to post them. But I wanted to share my painting journey here, so here they are: The beetles from Reaper Miniatures “vermin” labeled figures and a set of two beetle swarms, also under the label “vermin.

The Vermin: Beetles (77127) come in sets of two figures. They are sculpted by Kevin Williams and come attached to a round base as part of their mold. The Vermin: Beetle Swarm (77130) was sculpted by Bob Olley and also comes in a set of two miniatures. Both packs were part of the first Reaper Bones Kickstarter.


I admit, these figures also fall into my low involvement category. I wanted to be done quickly, and decided to use colored metallic paint for their chitinous shells. After the basecoat, I applied a dark brown wash and was basically done. Just added a little decoration for the bases.