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Beasts! Vermin Spiders (77126)

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Almost done! Just a few more beasts. Next to beetles, Reaper Miniatures “vermin” of course also includes spiders. They are a great low level threat to adventurers in ancient ruins. Again, these miniatures are very, very simple and maybe took a couple of minutes to paint. I’ll post them anyway, but I promise the next miniatures I post are less dull!

The Vermin: Spiders (77126) come in sets of two figures and are sculpted by Kevin Williams. They look decent as miniatures and are comparable to a halfling in size. I don’t know enough about spiders to ascertain their type, but they look more like jumping spiders than web spiders, because of their short legs and big bodies. Anyway, they are fine critters in an encounter or as summons from a druid, where you typically need a lot of smaller creatures at once.


I just wanted some painted spiders quickly, so I did not think of any cool color concepts. I used dark brown and dark gray as a basecoat and then applied a black wash for shadows. As these spider will likely be encountered in an underground setting, I left the base undecorated.