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Reaper Black Orcs, Part 2

Here are the rest of the Black Orcs from the first Bones Kickstarter: The Orc Sniper (77056), Berserker (77059) and Hunter (77045). Together, they form a fierce warband of mountain orcs, threatening the peaceful hike of every adventurer!

As the orcs from part 1 (Orc Stalker, Orc Marauder, Kavorgh), I used a 40mm base for the miniatures, as they were just too big for 25mm. My favorite is definitely the Orc Berserker. Seems I’m not the only one, judging by the sheer amount of cool paint jobs for him (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, and my favorite: #7 by Jeremie Teboul). The last one really convinced me to paint my orcs as black orcs.

Basing and Priming

Again, figures were cleaned with soap water and a brush. Then they were glued on a 40mm plastic base. I sculpted a mountain terrain with putty, kitty litter, twigs and different types of sand. After that, the minis were first airbrushed with Vallejo Black Primer and then with Vallejo White Primer from a 45 degree angle to achieve a basic shading.


Obviously, I used the same color recipes for these three as for the other three black orcs. The skin was painted with a mix of Vallejo Model Color (VMC) Black and VMC Dark Sea Grey and drybrushed with VMC German Grey and a lighter mix of the base color. Next, I washed the skin with diluted Vallejo Game Color (VGC) Black Ink, which really brought out the shadows. Again, I’m not bold enough yet to use very contrasting colors for highlighting. As I was painting these minis, the contrasts seemed fine. But on the images now, I realize I really have to work on my highlights.

For the Orc Sniper, I used a white fur vest for contrast. I didn’t put much effort into the leathers and I guess, it shows. The Orc Berserker was really fun, as it is a big model with clear features, especially the armor and the face. For the metal armor of the Berserker and the Hunter, I used VGC gunmetal for the basecoat and then VMC silver for highlights. Then the armor was washed in black and highlighted again.

I didn’t take any pictures without the static grass on the base, sorry.  Here are the finished three Black Orcs: