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Bones 2 KS finally arrived!

On wednesday, my share of the Reaper Bones 2 Kickstarter arrived. Oh my god, how will I ever paint this many miniatures?  There are some cool figures in the package! And there are demons. And devils. And dragons. Yay!

It’s been a while. The kickstarer originally finished in october 2013. Reaper then had to order the products from their chinese manufacturer (and I thought they produce the minis themselves…) and this took quite some time – almost 4 months longer than planned. But Reaper was very nice and posted many updates while everyone was waiting for their packages, so it was very transparent why everybody had to wait. But after they got the products, shipping was really fast. I guess, they learned alot after two very large kickstarters.

Today I took some pictures with my tablet while unpacking, which I want to share here.


Altogether, I counted 284 miniatures. Damn, that’s even a couple more than my share of the first Kickstarter.

  • 1 x 2013 Core Set (156 figures)
  • 2 x Dungeon Monsters (10 figures)
  • 1 x Lesser Demons (5 figures)
  • 1 x Narthrax Dragon (1 figure)
  • 1 x Lords of Darkness (6 figures)
  • 1 x Oh, Rats! (7 figures)
  • 1 x Gelantinous Cube (3 figures)
  • 1 x Greater Demons (2 figures)
  • 1 x Water Elementals (4 figures)
  • 1 x Hill Giants (2 figures)
  • 1 x Demon Lords (2 figures)
  • 1 x Blightfang Dragon (1 figure)
  • 1 x Devils (5 figures)
  • 1 x Expansion Set 1 (39 figures)
  • 1 x Expansion Set 2 (22 figures)
  • 1 x Troll Slayer Sophie (1 figure)
  • 1 x Dragons Don’t Share (10 figures)
  • 1 x Thank You Set (8 figures)

Above are pictures from the core set and the Dragons Don’t Share set. These alone are more than half of the all the minis in the package. The heroes in there are great, also there’s a lot of gnolls, bugbears, devils, demons and undead monsters. I wish I knew where I will stash all these minis…

I already put some of the minis aside for “processing” (aka cleaning, basing and priming). There are indeed a couple of minis that I can put to good use in my current D&D campaign. But it is really overwhelming. So. many. miniatures. The reaper forums are already booming with Bones 2 paint jobs, so I guess I also should start painting, soon 😉