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D&D Repaint: War of the Dragon Queen #01 Aasimar Fighter

D&D Repaint: Aasimar Fighter

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Time for another repaint! This figure of an Aasimar fighter in full armor was a very boring and dark looking miniature in my collection of old D&D minis. The armor reminded me of my Elder Scrolls Online character, which I played a lot a while back. So I decided to try to give the figure the same color tones as my video game character and to paint over the factory paint job.

The Aasimar Fighter is #01 from the War of the Dragon Queen D&D set from 2006. It’s a nice miniature of a fully armored humanoid with a helmet, hiding its face. So sure, it can be an Aasimar (a celestial race in Dungeons and Dragons) or it can be literally anything else. That’s why it is a great miniature for any bad guy or good guy you might need on a battle map.

Above you can see what the figure looks like with the factory paint job. It’s basically all black with a subtle dry brushing of metallic silver. Also, it’s very dark, and I would have never thought about this being a celestial creature.

Basing and Priming

The D&D miniatures all have decent bases, so I just added sand and a bit of wood on it. Then, I primed the miniature via airbrush using black and white to simulate zenithal lighting.


I wanted to try mixing my metal colors again with this figure. The look should be like the person was wearing exotic or magical metals, like mithril. Inspired by my Elder Scrolls Online Templar character, who had this fantastic blue-green-metallic plate mail, I tried to transfer the look to the Aasimar Fighter figure. I mixed Vallejo Silver with a grey-blue and green tone and was very happy that it turned out in exactly the same color as my video game character.

For a better visual contrast, I painted the skin in Caucasian skin tones, and the wristbands in brown leathers. Also, I gave the sword a little more color. Finally, I had fun adding vegetation to the base, as usual 🙂

I am very happy with the result this time! It’s not a miniature I would have used on the battlefield thus far, but now it was a great commander for the evil Dragon Cultists’ forces in the endgame of my Tyranny of Dragons campaign!