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3D print: Gargoyles by mz4250

One of my players bought a filament 3d printer a couple of years ago. For the last episode of my Storm King’s Thunder campaign, I needed lots of gargoyles – so he used them to test printing miniatures. It was an ugly mess. But for a throw-away gargoyle encounter, it was a nice learning experience 😉

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Queen of Dragons: Tiamat finished

After lots of modifications to the dragon’s heads and priming, the 12-inch beast was ready for some color! It took me two weeks of painting a couple of hours in the evening to finish the Dragon Queen. For the red alone, I used up almost a whole Vallejo Model Color bottle. But it was worth it: Tiamat is my biggest painting project to date, and I still love the end result. My players lost their minds, when I placed this beast on the battlemap in the final encounter of the adventure!

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Queen of Dragons: Converting a Toscano statue into Tiamat

The final and ultimate miniature for my Tyranny of Dragons campaign is the Queen of Dragons, the goddess Tiamat herself! I saved this figure for last, and it’s a huge one. It is – by far – the biggest painting project I have done so far. It took me over a month of working on it nearly every day. Why is that? Because I took a 12 by 15 inch resin statue, which I first had to convert into Tiamat, which already took half of the time!

conversion, D&D, dragon, repaint

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D&D Repaint: Aasimar Fighter

Time for another repaint! This figure of an Aasimar fighter in full armor was a very boring and dark looking miniature in my collection of old D&D minis. The armor reminded me of my Elder Scrolls Online character, which I played a lot a while back. So I decided to try to give the figure the same color tones as my video game character and to paint over the factory paint job.

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D&D Repaint: Halforc-Executioner and Royal Guard

You can always use more generic bad guy minions. The Royal Guard from the Underdark set of old D&D miniatures line is a general humanoid in full plate armor and a spear. The halforc executioner from the same set is a hooded brute with a bardiche. I repainted both to add them to the Dragon Cultists’ army for the final encounter at the Well of Dragons.

D&D, repaint, wizkids

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