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D&D Repaint: Combat Medic

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Here comes another repaint of an old miniature. The Combat Medic from the old D&D miniatures line is a nice figure for any NPC cleric/priest or combat medic. It has nothing to do with my Storm King’s Thunder campaign, but I painted this mini while preparing other miniatures I actually used for upcoming encounters then.

The Combat Medic (#05) from the War Drums set from Wizard of the Coast’s D&D miniatures was released in 2006. It is a very versatile miniature of a female priest/cleric or war caster. I really like the dynamic pose and the flowing robes. I used the figure a lot in the 2000s as part of an enemy war band. So it would be nice to have a properly painted version with a bit of highlighting and shading for future use on the table!

Here is how the Combat Medic looks like:

Combat Medic #05 War Drums D&D Miniatures – factory paint job

Basing and Priming

The D&D minis have a sturdy 1-inch base. There is no need to switch the base, as it easy to just add some sand and pebbles. Which is what I did. Then, I airbrushed the figures using black and white primer.


The factory paint job had these red robes, that I liked. I have blue and red colored factions, so I wanted to keep the robes in red. I didn’t have many blonde miniatures, so I decided this figure would be one. Overall, easy and fun to paint!