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Frost Giant Warrior (1H Axe) (77543)

Frost Giants are also a big part of the Storm King’s Thunder campaign. They came into play a lot later at my table, when the players visited their iceberg fortress in the Sea of Moving Ice. Reaper and WizKids have nice miniatures for Frost Giants! This one is the Frost Giant Warrior from Reaper Miniatures.

A little personal note: Sorry for not posting for over a year, I’ve been very busy with everything else in my life. I also did not paint for over a year, but I have some more giants left from 2021. I’m going to post these next.

I got the Frost Giant Warrior (1h Axe) (SKU 77543) as part of my Pledge in a Reaper Bones Kickstarter a couple of years back. For me, the set of Frost Giant models were the most interesting part of the Kickstarter, and I got little else beside them. They are made of the new gray Bones material, which I learned to prefer to the old white material. This first miniature was sculpted by Bobby Jackson and has a lot of really cool details. The sculpt really leans into the fantasy Norse theme, and this fits very well for Dungeons and Dragons.

Basing and Priming

I glued the mini on a 3-inch “huge” simple base. I was aiming for a tundra feel, so I added sand and rocks. As usual, priming was done using an airbrush with Vallejo primer, first with black and then with white primer.


First, I painted/drybrushed the base with different browns (earth) and grays (rocks).

For the giant, I went with a cold blue skin tone, offwhite hair and browns in the armor. The metal parts were painted with Vallejo Gunmetal Grey and highlighted with Vallejo Silver. For the fur, I used a warmer white tone to contrast it from the offwhite beard. I also needed a few washes of black/umber here and there to get more contrasts in the armor as well. For the horns, I used Vallejo Bonewhite.

Finally, I decorated the base with effect snow from Armypainter and some winter grass tufts.