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Noble Knight (unknown manufacturer)

When I browse my favorite miniature online stores, I often take a peek at the special sales section. Minis at a discount price are my nemesis, because often I find at least one nice figure that I buy. Mostly, these are old models or discontinued lines. The noble knight was one of these, but I don’t remember what manufacturer made the figure. I used him as an NPC in my Storm King’s Thunder campaign in the town of Triboar.

dungeons & dragons, knight, SKT, unknown manufacturer

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Dwarven Warriors (unknown manufacturer)

I can’t seem to remember for the life of me, where I got these four dwarven warriors from. I ordered them online somewhere at a bargain sale, they were produced by a manufacturer I also don’t remember. Of course, I searched everywhere on the web for them, but I haven’t found anything, yet. It’s a pity, because these are great models and I would love to have more from their line of miniatures.

dungeons and dragons, dwarf, SKT, unknown manufacturer

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