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Dwarven Warriors (unknown manufacturer)

Dwarven Warriors (unknown manufacturer)

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I can’t seem to remember for the life of me, where I got these four dwarven warriors from. I ordered them online somewhere at a bargain sale, they were produced by a manufacturer I also don’t remember. Of course, I searched everywhere on the web for them, but I haven’t found anything, yet. It’s a pity, because these are great models and I would love to have more from their line of miniatures.

Dwarven commandos patrolling the sky near Mithril Hall

These four dwarven warriors were all part of one package. They are wearing full armor, wielding shields and weapons. Compared to Reaper Miniatures dwarves, these four are a bit smaller. But barely enough to notice on the battlefield. Also, as these four anonymous guys look very similar and don’t have any “over the top” details on them, they make great dwarven foot soldiers.

I bought these dwarves because my players were travelling with a cloud giant wizard (Zephyros) on his flying wizard tower. One encounter includes cultists, another dwarves from Mithril hall. So I would need dwarven soldier miniatures. On the right you can see the artwork I mashed together (copyright of the individual images by the respective owners!) for the encounter. The colors of the dwarves would be different (because I found no red-wearing dwarven artworks online I could use), but the were four of them riding on a Silver Dragon.

Basing and Priming

After gluing all miniatures on a standard medium base (1-inch), I added sand and small rocks to the base. Finally, all figures were primed with an airbrush using black and white primer.


I wanted these guys to have a common signature color, and I choose an orange red. I wanted the dwarves to wear bright colors. Partly because the armor and weapons were not very colorful, and also because I feared the miniatures would look too boring in earth colors only.

To make these poor, anonymous fellow more interesting, I gave them some names: