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Shadow Demon (77368), Reaper Bones

Shadow Demon (77368)

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Not really an undead monster, but a very similar miniature than the last one. The Shadow Demon (77368) was also part of the second Kickstarter and came as a translucent purple miniature. I painted both of them more or less simultaneously, so here it is!

The Reaper Shadow Demon (7768) was translucent purple in the Kickstarter, but has later turned into translucent blue in the catalog. It’s a cool miniature sculpted by Rob Ridolfi and depicts a flying creature with a long tail on the ground.

Basing and Priming

I’ve put it on a 1-inch base. There was no priming necessary, as this is a translucent miniature.


I have even less pictures than usual. After painting the base, I really just drybrushed with three steps of white. I could have put more effort into it, but I guess it’s good enough as it is 😉