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Shadow (77369), Reaper Bones

Shadow (77369)

It’s time to post some more undead monsters again! Part of the second Reaper Bones Kickstarter were some more translucent miniatures. One of them was a purple Shadow (77369) miniature. My players were headed into a tomb with undead, so this was the next enemy to paint!

Shadows are relatively weak D&D monsters, suited for low level encounters. They are depicted as black foggy creatures in the lore. There are tons of more dangerous types of undead, such as the specter. The specter however looks just like the Reaper Shadow (77369) miniature! So I guess, it can be used for any form of ghost creature on the table.

Dungeons & Dragon 5th Edition Specter

Basing and Priming

I’ve put it on a 1-inch base. There was no priming necessary, as this is a translucent miniature.


Also, not too much to do painting-wise. I just washed the miniature with a dark brown, which I shouldn’t have. These translucent figures are somewhat different from the other Bones. The wash/ink did not rest well on these and pooled up in deep areas. Of course this doesn’t happen normally, as I use primer first.

So I repaired the damage done by the wash and dry brushed the hell out of the miniature with gray, purple-white and white. And that’s really all there is. 😉