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Bluferg, Fire Giant Jailor (Reaper Miniatures 77593)

Bluferg, Fire Giant Jailor (77593)

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The Fire Giant Jailor is a new miniature that was released with the huge versions of Reaper’s Fire Giants. It was part of the corresponding Reaper Bones Kickstarter, and I was in love with the figure the moment I saw it. The figure gives off the same vibe as some Fire Giant artworks in the Storm King’s Thunder book, so I used Bluferg as the keeper of Giants’ hellhounds.

Bluferg, Fire Giant Jailor (77593) from Reaper Miniatures was sculpted by Chris Lewis. The old veteran with his spiked chain, eye patch, and bald head fits perfectly into the bunch of Fire Giants, filling a specific niche the existing miniatures didn’t cover. The miniature instantly reminded me on this artwork from the Storm King’s Thunder campaign, which shows Duke Zalto and his hounds.

Storm King’s Thunder Artwork: Duke Zalto and his hounds in Ironslag. (Note: I used this artwork for my private D&D game only)

Because of this, I wanted to use Bluferg not only as the jailor, but also as the Duke’s houndkeeper in their fortress of Ironslag.

Basing and Priming

Analogous to the other Fire Giants, I pinned Bluferg on a 3-inch flagstone resin base. Then, I primed the figure via airbrush in black and white Vallejo primer.


The colors I used for the skin, hair and armor were of course the same as the other Fire Giants. As with the Fire Giant Warrior, I reduced the amount of gold and jewelry for Bluferg, because he doesn’t belong to the noble caste.

Overall, this was a fun miniature to paint! I am happy with the result and Bluferg looks great with the group of Fire Giants.