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Fire Giant Warrior (77616)

Similar to the Fire Giant Bodyguard (77615) from Reaper, the “huge” version of the Fire Giant Warrior (77616) is a very nice updated version of the previous “large” Fire Giants, now using the gray bones material. The figure has a different sword compared to the original artwork and the large version, but it still looks great as a sculpt. I reduced the amount of gold on the miniature to make it look more like a standard grunt.

The Fire Giant Warrior (77616) was sculpted by Chris Lewis (I guess, as the Bodyguard miniature was, but there is no author credit on Reaper’s website at the moment). The smaller version (77178) from a couple of years back was sculpted by Jason Wiebe and was based on the artwork below. Both versions vary only slightly. Besides the sword, the armor is basically the same.

Fire Giant Artwork

Basing and Priming

I used a 3-inch flagstone base for the huge Fire Giants and pinned the miniuature on it. Then, I primed everything via airbrush in black and white to achieve a basic zenithal lighting.


I took the artwork as an inspiration for painting, but reduced the amount of gold on the figure. I imagined the Fire Giant Warrior as the “standard grunt” type of monster, and as such, he should not have super valuable armor, using more common metals.

Overall, the figure uses many dark colors that make the fire hair and glowing eyes really stand out. The reduced colors make the miniature not as intimidating as the highly decorated Fire Giant Bodyguard with its two-handed sword that is glowing from heat. But it makes the Fire Giant Warrior a nice “first encounter” with Fire Giants, I think. I’m quite happy how the figure turned out in the end.

Here is a comparison of the new (huge) and the old Reaper Bones Fire Giant Warrior: