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Chthon (Reaper 77228)

Chthon (77228)

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Another curiosity from the Reaper Bones Kickstarter is the Chthon. This worm-like creature more or less resembles a Dungeons and Dragons Grick. There were several of these miniatures in the Kickstarter. I have never used gricks in my games until now. I don’t know if I ever need one, but it’s nice to have even three of them to throw at my players.

The Chthon (77228) was sculpted by Kevin Williams. It’s a scaly worm with huge claws and sharp teeth.

Basing and Priming

This is yet another miniature without a base. Not on my watch! I’ve glued the three miniatures on small 20 mm bases. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture after priming the minis in black and white.


The grick in the D&D 5th Edition Monster Manual has green, sand and gray colors. It would camouflage nicely in grasslands. However, according to the Monster Manual, they have stone camouflage, so they may perfectly hide in rocky terrain. Alright, okay then. I used the same colors, but decided on a grasslands base.

It’s not really a very interesting miniature, but I like how they turned out. The make for a fun low level encounter in a jungle or something!