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Brass Bull (Reaper 77256)

Brass Bull (77256)

Another interesting miniature out of the Reaper Bones Kickstarter bag is the Brass Bull. This construct version of a mighty bull features a scale-like skin and an angry pose. I didn’t need this miniature for my campaigns, but while I was painting golems, this one got some paint, too.

The Brass Bull (77256) miniature was sculpted by Bob Olley. Its main features are the spiky scales all over its body. No equipment, no ornamentation of any kind, but imposing horns and hooves.

Basing and Priming

The figure did not come with a base, so I didn’t have to remove it 🙂 I had another one of the 60 mm flagstone bases from Tabletop Art that I used for the construct.

I primed the miniature using my airbrush and brushing it in black and white.


As with the Battleguard Golem, I tried to achieve the old bronze statue look at first. And like the Battleguard Golem, I was tempted to just leave it like this. It could be a very nice animated statue.

However, also like with the Battleguard Golem, I wanted the miniature to look shiny, so I started dry brushing with bronze in several steps. It turned out nice, but I did not really have a great concept for the miniature before painting it. Anyway, this is the result!