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Cultists and Circle (Reaper Miniatures 77351)

Cultists (77351)

When playing a long-running D&D campaign, the Dungeon Master will probably use some sort of evil cult eventually. At least, I do! Evil cults are great antagonists, as they have evil minions and allies like devils, demons, or dragons. So I was very happy that the Reaper Bones Kickstarter included a couple of cultists I could use for my Storm King’s Thunder campaign.

The Reaper Miniature Cultists (77351) came with a plastic summoning circle and were sculpted by Bobby Jackson. I don’t need the circle, so I didn’t paint it. The figures are made of the white Bones material and are detailed enough to make them good minis. They came with the first (or second? I don’t remember) Reaper Bones Kickstarter.

Basing and Priming

I removed the small bases the figures were shipped with. As the figures wear long robes without visible feet, they are perfect to be placed on any new base. I pinned them on a dungeon floor base. As usual, I primed them with an airbrush using black and white primer.


I already painted three cultists from Otherworld Miniatures a couple of years ago. The Reaper figures are a bit taller, but are otherwise similar. In a D&D game, I often tend to use some form of cultists in every of my campaigns. Because of this, I wanted them to look generic enough for using them with different cults. I decided on black robes and golden/red sashes and Caucasian skin tones for both of them.

After adding some dried up vegetation on the bases, they are ready for their dark rituals in old, forgotten ruins!