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Harshnagg and the Frost Giantess

D&D Repaint: Frost Giant (WizKids #29A)

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There are also quite nice Frost Giant miniatures by WizKids. Unfortunately, I often dislike the factory paint job. I bought the Frost Giantess from the Storm King’s Thunder booster set (#29A) in Ebay and was surprised to find Smurfette with a sword in my mail. Other than that, the figure looks pretty cool!

Frost Giant Smurfette?

I am not kidding, the miniature has blonde hair and cyan skin. That’s not how I imagine my Frost Giants, so there was no question I had to repaint her. Frost Giants in my book have white hair and a less green-tone blue skin.

Joking aside, the figure itself wears a couple of white dragon skulls as shoulder pads, which is pretty epic. The rest of the armor looks decent, too. The sword is a little too broad for me, but overall, is it a cool miniature. And by miniature I mean it is 20 cm high, standing on a 3-inch base.

Basing and Priming

I decided to not prime the figure before repainting. Not only that, but I worried, that with primer the details get lost. So, I also did not remove the old paint and just painted over it. Worked like a charm.

As the figure is firmly standing on a base already, I just added a little decoration on the existing base – some sand and pebbles.


I used the same color recipes for the Giantess as previously in the other Frost Giants: a colder blue for the skin, earth-browns for the armor, and a warmer white for the furs.

It was nice to paint a giant without a beard once again. And overall, I really think the miniature is a big improvement over the factory paint job. I hope, you agree 🙂