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D&D Repaint: Halforc-Executioner and Royal Guard

You can always use more generic bad guy minions. The Royal Guard from the Underdark set of old D&D miniatures line is a general humanoid in full plate armor and a spear. The halforc executioner from the same set is a hooded brute with a bardiche. I repainted both to add them to the Dragon Cultists’ army for the final encounter at the Well of Dragons.

D&D, repaint, wizkids

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D&D Repaint: Red Wizard as Rath Modar

As they were approaching the later episodes of the Tyranny of Dragon campaign, my players faced the mighty Red Wizard Rath Modar. The new D&D miniatures line from WizKids has a Human Red Wizard (#019) in their “Tyranny of Dragons” set. I did not really like the factory paint job, so I repainted him.

D&D, repaint, wizard, wizkids

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