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Harshnagg (WizKids Storm King's Thunder #43)

D&D Repaint: Harshnagg the Frost Giant (WizKids #43)

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Harshnagg the Grim features a prominent role as an NPC in the Storm King’s Thunder D&D campaign. WizKids has a very cool miniature for him in the Storm King’s Thunder booster line, and I had to have it. The old Frost Giant veteran features two hand axes and a cool dragon skull helmet.

Harshnagg is a “rare” miniature in the WizKids Storm King’s Thunder booster line (#43). As I don’t like to rely on my luck to get specific miniatures in a blind booster box, I was quite happy to get this figure over eBay. I paid way too much for it back then (nearly 20 EUR), but it was the only way to get this specific, recurring NPC. As I was planning on using the miniature for my game, I bought it in 2016. It’s rare to get the figure today below 50 EUR. It is completely insane.

Because now, the same miniature can be found unpainted in WizKids Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures line (Wave 6 “Frost Giant Male”) for about 12 EUR.

Harshnagg factory paint job
Harshnagg the Grim Factory Paint Job

The factory paint job is not too bad, compared to some other horrors I’ve seen in the past. The skin color looks nice – not like the green-blue skin of other Frost Giants in the Storm King’s Thunder set. But I wanted to add a little more depth, some shadows, some highlights and a nicer base to the model.

Basing and Priming

When I started with Harshnagg, I really was planning on adding little details and not painting over the whole miniature. So I didn’t use primer and just painted over the factory paint. For the base, I added some rocks and sand.


Following my color scheme for the other Frost Giants, I added some highlights and shadows on the blue skin, but kept it more or less very similar. The factory armor color was too uniform and dark for me, so I brought the colors up with earth-tone browns. The biggest change was probably the skull helmet, which went from a rather dark beige-brown to a light Bonewhite color.

Finally, I added Armypainter snow effect on the base, which really sells this miniature, I think. Overall, a much better version of Harshnagg, ready for the game table!