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Kobold Group 2

Kobolds, Part 2

More kobolds: The next three guys were painted in a yellowish D&D kobold color scheme. They are supposed to be cave dwellers and therefore have grey bases . I’m not happy with the bases, but the kobolds turned out nice.

A week ago, I posted Part 1, where I painted the first 6 of a pack of 12 kobold minis from the 2012 Reaper Bones Kickstarter. This second part features three underground dwelling kobolds with yellow-ochre skin. I took this picture as reference. As the D&D kobolds don’t have ears (and different posture, longer tails and snouts, …) I cut off the ears to make them a little more similar to their current D&D incarnations. Unfortunatly, I don’t have any more pictures of the preparation process (other than the ones I already posted in Part 1)

I found some more variants of the kobolds from other painters. Check out the orange/silver color scheme from Brynn Tannehill or the brown/red version in the Reaper Inspiration Gallery. I really like the blacklining of the second example, I also have to do more of that in the future.

Basing and Priming

I did the same procedure as with the previous five kobolds: I glued them onto a 20mm base after cleaning and removing mold lines and used coarse sand on the base. They were then primed with Vallejo Black Primer and dusted with white primer. Zenithal lighting at this stage is pretty easy to achieve. But at my skill level, after painting it is pretty much gone 😉


Again, these three miniatures are supposed to look like D&D 3rd edition kobold, but with a different color scheme than the first five. A reference image can be found here. I converted one kobold with a spear and a sword into a kobold mage by cutting off the spear and painting the tip as a green gem stone. All kobolds got yellow eyes and some dark and light spots on their skin, same as in the reference image.

For the base, I used different greys to simulate a cavern floor. I’m not really satisfied with the outcome. I should have thought about how the floor should look like before I based them and used some putty and bigger pebbles to make a stone floor instead of using sand. Lesson learned for the next cave dwellers.

Finishing Touches

The three of them were sealed with Army Painter Anti-Shine Varnish. I didn’t want to put moss or mushrooms on the base, so I just left it grey. As these are “just” monsters and no player characters, I didn’t bother too much.