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Kobolds Group 3

Kobolds, Part 3

Three kobolds are still left. These guys were painted as some kind of “special monsters”, using unusual color themes. A bright red shaman, a purple mage and a bright blue warrior kobold. The ochre kobold on the picture is for contrast only.

In the last weeks, I posted Part 1 and Part 2 of the 12 kobolds from the 2012 Reaper Bones Kickstarter. There were three minis left and I decided to try some unconvential color schemes on them to make them look apart from the others. Every so often, you need a special monster, and these guys are supposed to play that role. As with the kobolds from Part 2, I cut off their ears to make them a little more similar to their current D&D incarnations. Again, I’m very sorry – I don’t have any more pictures of the work in progress. Just the finished miniatures.

Basing and Priming

All three kobolds were glued onto a 20mm base after cleaning and removing mold lines. For basing material, I used coarse sand. The minis were primed with Vallejo Black Primer and dusted with white primer.


I wanted the three guys to look unconvential, at least in sense of the standard D&D color schemes for kobolds. As they are relatives of dragons, kobolds in D&D may share the colors of their dragon ancestors. I dicided on a blue dragon and a red dragon kobold.

I converted the spear of one of the kobolds to a magic staff with a human skull on top, this one should be a “demonic” shaman/mage type, maybe breathing fire, too. So I decided to use a bright red. A very similar color scheme was used by Antony from Roleplay-Geek, which I like very much.

The second kobold was painted bright blue, similar to Aric Clarks version. While painting, I messed up one of the eyes. So I painted it black, and now he’s partially blind.

For the last kobold, I wanted something extra special. I haven’t seen a purple kobold before, so I went with it. He’s also some kind of mage, so again, I converted the spear into a wand and painted the tip as a gemstone.

Finishing Touches

The three of them were sealed with Army Painter Anti-Shine Varnish. I didn’t want to put moss or mushrooms on the base, so I just left it grey. As these are “just” monsters and no player characters, I didn’t bother too much.

And that concludes our kobold weeks. All 12 kobolds are finished and ready to be used on the gaming table! I tried to get them all on one picture, but the quality is rather bad:

Kobold Group!