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New Bones II Kickstarter

They did it again. Reaper launched their new Bones II kickstarter on October 1st. This time, the miniatures focus on all kinds of monsters. You’re in with a minimum pledge of $100, and can add a couple of options later, like the last time.

After three minutes, the $30k goal was met (big surprise ;). The following two days, the kickstarter grew rapidly to aprox. $1.1m and broke all records. But then, it almost slowed down to a halt. At the moment it’s sitting at $1.6 with 11.7k backers. And well … I’m one of the early bird backers (first wave of shipping in September 2014). 😉 I haven’t really started on the first kickstarter, yet – but I couldn’t resist. But I realized: I’m never gonna finish painting, now.

For a pledge of $100 you get the 2013 core set (at the time of writing: 147 miniatures), for additional $50 you can add a core set expansion #1 option (at the time of writing: 23 miniatures). Reaper Forum member Kaosweaver made a nice calculator, where you can track the cost and number of minis. There also are strech goals in the form of options, which are individual big minis you can add to your order. They really know how to entice their backers. Even their strech goals (expansion set) have strech goals.

But, if you are looking for cool monsters as addition to all the PCs from the first kickstarter, this is it.

The kickstarter is really gonna cost me, this time. The shipment is not included International backers. Also, last time, the core set included a huge number of miniatures. This time, you also need the expansion set. So basically, the pledge amount has increased if you really want all the good stuff. They also have some really nice options, like the Devils, Greater Demons, Demon Lords and new cool dragons.

There even is a transparent gelantinous cube miniature, which comes in two parts: You can paint the bottom part (eaten remains on the floor) and put the transparent part on top of that. That will look really nice!

At the moment, I’m at 196 miniatures with an average price of $1.23. Next strech goal is another addition to the core set. Fingers crossed for more updates like that.