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Player Character: Otiros Firebird

Otiros is a phoenix sorcerer, a subclass dedicated to the legendary phoenix, and it focuses on fire damage all the way. There are lots of cool miniatures of robe wearing wizardry types. Otiros’ player liked Reaper Miniatures’ Halmar best – it’s a robed male, playing with an open flame. So Halmar became Otiros Firebird!

Here is the group of adventurers from my D&D 5th Edition Storm King’s Thunder campaign:

Halmar, Young Wizard (03449), sculpted by Matt Gubser, seems to be an older miniature from Reaper’s Dark Heaven Legends line. We really did like the smoke or flame Halmar was holding and all the cool potions at his belt. Maybe it’s smoke coming from a potion bottle, maybe it’s fire he is casting. I can’t tell, really.

I like the paint jobs people did for this miniature. Many different color choices make Halmar either old or young, either a sinister mage or light mage. I like the variety!

Character Background

Otiros is a half-elf. He was born as a bastard of a rich gold-elf noble to a human housemaid. He never got to know his father, and he had to fend for himself and his mother from an early age.

His family was poor, and he worked on the streets and the mines of Mirabar, a city in the North of the Sword Coast, even as a child.

The sorcerer doesn’t know the origin of his magic powers. But it was his magic that helped him to survive the cold winters and the life among the street gangs of the city.

Otiros has a fascination for fire, which is both a blessing and a curse for him. He constantly has to suppress the urge to let his fire magic loose, and to not harm people with his fire by accident.

The young sorcerer had to leave the city after such an accident involving his fire magic with fatal consequences. He ventured out to make some money for himself and to be able to care for his mother.


As with Baltor, I don’t have pictures of the painting process. Sorry!

A while back, I bought nice plastic flagstone bases for the new player characters and I pinned Halmar on one of them. Then, the miniature was primed via airbrush using first black and then white primer.


The smoke/flame in the figure’s hand should be a flame, we decided. This gave me a good excuse to practice some OSL (object source lighting) on the miniature’s face and clothes. I tried to be subtle about the lighting and I think it works good enough.

For the colors, I wanted something bold. A bright red would be fitting for a fire mage, and blue would be a perfect contrast. I added some details on the robe, such as a yellow band and some dirt and stitches on the back side.

The figure has two potions on his belt. Even if it would make sense that these were non-transparent and more durable ceramic flasks, they should look cool foremost. So I filled them with bright green and sky blue liquids.

I was having fun painting the miniature! I like robes and the OSL was also fun to try. Although he looks a bit angry, I’m happy with how the face turned out. Maybe he has good reasons to look angry? 😉