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Arathaniel, Elf Ranger (Reaper 77384)

Player Character: Quarion Silverhand

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The last of the player characters in my Storm King’s Thunder campaign is Quarion, a moon elf master archer. Quarion is a divine trickster rogue (the divine version of the arcane trickster). For his miniature, I needed an elf with a cool bow. Luckily, from the second Reaper Bones Kickstarter I had the elf Arathanel of the Dragons don’t share set. This guy holds a huge bow in a dynamic pose – a perfect match!

Here is the group of adventurers from my D&D 5th Edition Storm King’s Thunder campaign:

Arathanel (77384) was originally part of the second Reaper Bones Kickstarter set “Dragons don’t share“. Later, the rogue sculpted by Werner Klocke was also released as a separate Bones figure.

I like this miniature very much. The dynamic pose, aiming with a foot on a rock and the huge bow gets me every time. Many others seem to agree, as there are fantastic paint jobs on the Reaper Forums for Arathanel:

These all make fine elven rangers, but I love the drow variant by Limey72!

Character Background

Quarion is an opportunistic moon elf hailing from the metropolis of Silverymoon. His swift fingers and keen mind helped him to live a comfortable life there for many decades.

The handsome rogue is a highly gifted archer, and in combat, he prefers to surprise his foes from far away.

The obscure elven god Erevan Ilesere – the god of mischief and change – is his secret patron. As a devout follower, Quarion has dedicated his life to trickery in honor of his chosen god.

As a result, the Jack of the Seelie Court, as Erevan is also known, has blessed Quarion with magical powers.

Even after decades of peaceful coexistence with the Silverymoon thieves’ guild, they obviously don’t take jokes very well. Quarion was forced to leave the city for a couple of months until things cool down.

Adventure awaits!


The figure has one foot standing atop a stone on the miniature’s base. This looks good already, but I wanted to use my own stones. So I removed the existing Bones base and replaced it with real pebbles, arranged as a small hill. Also, I added a small wire to emulate the bow string.

Then, I primed the miniature as usual via airbrush in black and white.


Again, first came the artwork above. I photoshopped it based on existing artworks on the internet, all credit goes to the original artists!

Quarion’s signature color would be a cold blue on the inside of his dark cloak. As he is a moon elf (from the Forgotten Realms setting in D&D), his skin tone is a pale blue-purple. I wanted the rest of the character also using cold colors only. So there is no warm-cold contrast on purpose on the miniature – the contrast (a little at least) comes from the base with its brown and warm-green colored vegetation.

Because Quarion is a rogue, the player wanted him to have colors that camouflage well in urban settings, and not necessarily in the wild. The back of the miniature doesn’t look as pretty as the front. The cloak is only painted in a barely visible blend of black and dark blue. I should have been more bold with the blue and in highlighting here.

Although, I am very happy with how the face turned out. I nailed it on the first try, probably because the eyes are easy to access on this miniature.