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Reaper Lizardmen II (03558)

After last week’s Lizardmen I (03551), I have more miniatures of the lizardfolk tribe to show to you! They were done the same way as the others. Here are the pictures of the three miniatures from Reapers Lizardmen II (03558) set.

I already wrote that I painted all six of them together in the last post. So there is no need to repeat all the considerations and paint recipes here. Instead, I’ll give you this nice artwork of a lizardmen shaman and his warriors:

They look really great and use basically the same colors I wanted for my lizardmen. They are – however- a little bit warmer and more saturated in the artwork. Must be the jungle light 😉

Basing and Priming

First, I cleaned the figures with water and soap and then glued some sand and small pebbles on the base. Then, the minis were airbrushed with black primer and then dusted with withe primer to achieve basic shading.


This time, I actually have a picture of the bunch after the skin was completed. If you are interested in the paints used, you can read all about that here.

And here are the three finished miniatures with base decorations. The last picture shows a group shot of both sets (including one lizardman made of Reaper’s bonesium).