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Lizardmen with repainted Blackscale Lizardfolk

Repaint: Blackscale Lizardfolk

An exotic monster in the mix can make a lizardfolk encounter really interesting. I still had an Angelfire Blackscale Lizardfolk (#32) miniature from back in the day – a perfect addition to the tribe as a repainted figure.

This WizKids miniature from the Angelfire set came out about ten years ago. It’s the only other lizardfolk figure I had besides the Reaper minis. In D&D 3.5, the Blackscale Lizardfolk are strong and big specimen. They are perfect challenge for a group of adventurers:

“Like their smaller cousins, blackscale lizardfolk are primitive reptilian humanoids that can be very dangerous if provoked. A blackscale lizardfolk is usually 8-1/2 to 9-1/2 feet tall, and weighs about 600 – 800 pounds. Its tail is 4 to 5 feet long. Alpha males are capable of reaching even greater size and physical prowess. These beasts can reach 12 feet tall and weight up to 1000 pounds, its tail is 6-1/2 to 8 feet long. Their trademark sign besides the increased size is the red neck that flairs when agitated.” –

As you can see in the image above, their fins can also be red. I think they look visually more interesting this way.

Basing and Priming

As always were airbrushed with black primer and then dusted with withe primer to achieve basic shading.


I used a dark grey for the skin, and not a a real black color. I gave all exposed skin a thin basecoat and then used black wash for shading. Highlights were achieved with drybrushing lighter greys in several steps.

The fins were painted with blood red. I actually totally forgot to paint the neck with red. So I guess, this blackscale lizardfolk is not agitated enough to show a red neck 😉

The leather parts were painted with Vallejo Game Color Leather Brown. For shading I used Vallejo Game Ink Maroon. For the mace, Leather Brown and VMC Flat Brown were used. The details were added in Bone (theeth), yellow (eyes) and pink (tongue).

For the base, I had plenty of room to work on. I added some green ivy and grass to match the base to the rest of the tribe.

Here is the final version of the repainted Blackscale Lizardfolk:

As it’s just one blackscale lizardfolk, maybe it was adopted by the tribe of maybe it’s the chieftain. Who knows. The make a very nice group of monsters, nonetheless!