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Red Box Games KS arrived!

This just in: The miniatures from the Red Box Games Heroic Fantasy Figures Kickstarter arrived yesterday. The package features minis from the Njorn, Aenglish, and Brigand lines and are sculpted by Tre Manor.


Red Box Games is the wonderful miniature company by Tre Manor. I really like his sculpts, as they are pretty detailed and more realistic than others (e.g. see the Black Orcs). They are not over-the-top high fantasy, but gritty and have believable armor and weapons. Here is an example:

Aenglish Footmen A

The Heroic Fantasy Figures Kickstarter included 22 new metal minis from Tre’s Aenglish, Brigands, and Njorn lines. I pledged for 20 of them. For details, see picture below:


I’m looking forward to painting these! 🙂