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Green Dragon Cultists

Time for another batch of dragon cultists for Hoard of the Dragon Queen! These belong to The Jade Fang of Tiamat. For these, I converted one of the GW Easterling warrior miniatures and one of the GW Uruk-Hai warriors.

I had more spare parts laying around, so I decapitated the Easterling warrior and attached a female head to it. The other miniature originally was a Uruk-Hai warrior, but the pike broke off some years ago. I cleaned the miniature (but did not completely strip the paint), and added a small patch of green stuff on hish back. The Uruks have a bare back with lots of muscles, but I wanted him to wear a leather armor. I sculpted a fur on his back and added a near spear tip with green stuff.

After that, I primed them with Vallejo black primer and sprayed them with white primer with the airbrush, as usual.


Green dragons are known for their sneaky and scheming attitude. So I did not want to use bright and bold colors. These cultists would stay in hiding and attack from behind with poisoned weapons. They need to be dressed in camouflaged forest tones, so I used greens and browns, mostly. Both armors were painted to resemble leather.

With these minis, I did a really fast paint job. After basecoating, I drybrushed with lighter tones and washed them back with umber ink. Their cloaks are forest green to represent their faction within the Church of Tiamat (and to keep them easily identifiable on the gaming table).

So here are some pics of the finished miniatures with static grass.