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Stone Golem (Reaper 77171)

Stone Golems (77171)

I’ve already painted a Reaper Bones Stone Golem, which was part of the first Reaper Bones Kickstarter. As these plastic miniatures are relatively cheap and my players would encounter several stone golems in the Doomvault as part of my Tyranny of Dragons campaign, I decided to get some more.

Like the previously posted Flesh Golem, the Stone Golem (77171) was also sculpted by James Van Schaik. I guess he’s the golem guy. The figure looks great, I still like it very much.

I already painted this miniature several years ago. Back then, I wrote that the miniature was very easy to paint just by dry brushing it. Of course this hadn’t changed. For the two new stone golems, I did not see the need to do anything drastically different.

Basing and Priming

So I started by gluing them on 2-inch bases and decorating the base with sand and small pebbles. I then primed both miniatures via airbrush like I always do.


First, I painted the bases. As I often make the same kind of base with sand and small rocks, I have my favorite colors here as well. I use brown earth tones as a base coat, then black wash. I started by using brown wash, but for a really visible contrast, the wash needed to be black with lots of ink in it. Then, I dry brush several steps of sand and beige colors. Sometimes – especially when there are larger rocks, I paint them individually.

Second, I decided to give both of them a different stone color. One would be gray, the other more brownish/beige. This way, they are more distinct from another on the battlefield.

I used mostly dry brushing for this miniature, after base coating and applying a black wash. To avoid the golems appearing too boring, I chose to use gold metallic paint as an accent.

See for yourself: The old golem and a new golem painted 3 years apart from another. I cheated by adding nice vegetation to the new golem 😉

And here are the Stone Golems in their full glory!