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Troll Slayer Sophie (Reaper 77370)

Troll Slayer Sophie (77370)

The Doomvault in Thay has lots of high level monsters for players to face. I needed a succubus for my campaign, and I found a fantastic miniature in Reaper’s Troll Slayer Sophie that was already part of my Reaper Bones Kickstarter. Sophie is Reaper’s mascot, and new Sophie miniatures were released each Christmas and on ReaperCon or in the Kickstarters. They may be cool collectibles, but this version actually could be used on a gaming table.

The Troll Slayer Sophie (77370) version of Reaper’s mascot was sculpted by Bobby Jackson. Other than the various renditions of Sophie, which depict Sophie sitting on Christmas presents, as an artist, as a sheriff, or even as a biker, the Troll Slayer Sophie isn’t over the top for actual game play.

I haven’t found many painted versions that really caught my eye. But these two look really great!

Basing and Priming

As I had two of these minis, I painted them together. They came with a very nice round base, and there was no need to replace it. However, the standard base is made of relatively flexible plastic, so I glued them on a more stable 1-inch base, just to be safe.

As usual, I primed the miniatures by airbrushing them in black and white.


These miniatures would be used as succubi in Dungeons and Dragons, so I took my inspiration from the Monster Manual for 5th Edition. Here, these female demons have human-colored skin tones. In other games or in gaming culture in general, succubi are also shown having reddish, devilish skin. I wanted to reserve the reddish skin for tieflings or other demons/devils, so I chose to use a standard Caucasian skin tone for both miniatures.

I actually don’t remember, why I chose to paint the demon wings in brown colors instead of reds. If I painted another one of these today, I would probably paint the wings in black and red. To make both succubi distinct, I varied the armor color and the hair color.

And here they are!