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Zombies (77014)

Today, I have another pair of Zombies (Reaper Product Number 77014) from the “Undead Horde” Set for you. Reaper sells them in a set of three miniatures. These are the malformed cousins of the zombies I posted last.

Compared to other zombie miniatures, these sculpts could be better. The look really malformed, and the Bones material takes away any sharp contours. In general, I read that most people don’t really like the sculpts. Other great paintjobs I found on them are from Obsidian Crane (Link), Roleplay-Geek (Link) and All Bones About It (Link). Nicely done, guys!

In contrast to the other zombies from the set, I wanted them to look even darker, more decayed and decomposed. as the sculpt suggests it. Anyone seen the movie Warm Bodies? There were two types of zombies in the movie: Normal (“civilized”) and feral zombies (“Boneys”). After a lot of eating brains and after tearing off their skin, zombies in the movie reach a feral state and are beyond redemption. The miniatures reminded me of the Boneys, so I planned on making my zombies a little bit like the them.

Basing and Priming

First of all: Both miniatures were cleaned and bent into shape. The hands were fixed on the zombie’s heads, but I cut them free and moved them a little away from the heads. Both zombies received a new 25mm round plastic base and a basing with coarse sand. The minis then were primed using Vallejo Black Primer and an Airbrush.


As I wanted the figures to be darker than the other zombies, I painted the skin with Vallejo Model Color (MC) “Brown Violet” (again, this is a green tone) and the rags with MC “Flat Earth”. After that, I applied a quick wash with Vallejo Game Ink “Black” and drybrushed the highlights with MC “Green Grey”. I didn’t want them to have any visible eyes, so the eye sockets were kept in black. I went through my usual routine for painting the bases. The only details I put on at the end were the teeth. I used a toothpick and some Vallejo Game Color “Bonewhite” for some spots as teeth. They could have been better, but I didn’t put too much extra work into the minis.

Finishing Touches

After sealing the miniatures with Army Painter Anti-Shine Varnish, I decorated the bases with withered grass and moss. Nothing special, here. And we’re ready for the next Halloween-themed miniatures!