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Repainted Warriors of Rohan

Warriors of Rohan (repainted)

In January, I repainted some older miniatures from Games Workshop. I haven’t posted them until now, so here they are: Twelve Warriors of Rohan from a Lord of the Rings set I bought and painted 10 years ago.

I found this set set of plastic miniatures from Games Workshop in my parents house last winter, along with a set of Uruk-hai warriors. I remember buying and painting them, but later totally forget I had them. They would make a nice addition to any D&D game as generic warriors, city watch or soldiers. So I decided to repaint them – partially because I used oil paints back then (and only about 10 different colors) and partially because I wanted to practice painting cloth.

Basing and Priming

All miniatures were still intact, there were no missing parts or broken weapons. The miniatures were already based, but the bases were justed painted in flat earth with no scenery on it. I cleaned the figures and the bases and used white glue and sand on the bases. I did not prime them again. When I think about it now, maybe I should have 😉


The miniatures were painted using the color palette known from the Lord of the Rings Movies, which is also the same palette Games Workshop shows on their webpage. For every LOTR fan, it’s very obvious that these are people from Rohan. That’s why I wanted to use different colors, so my players don’t immediately think of LOTR. Having recently watched a “how to paint red” tutorial on YouTube (from Painting Clinic), I decided to try that on the miniatures cloaks. Unfortunately, I painted the minis back in January and don’t have any pictures other than the finished minis. I also don’t remember specific color recipes, but it was different reds, flesh, browns, ivory and white.

I tried a little freehand line on the cloaks and also tried wetblending for the first time on the armor and cloaks. It came out okay, I guess. After taking the pictures, I realized the cloaks are rather glossy. They shouldn’t be, the minis were sealed using matte varnish spray. Maybe it’s the oil paints shining through, I really should have primed all the minis again. But well, it’ll suffice for the gaming table and I got some painting practice 🙂

So here are some pics of the finished miniatures: