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Black Dragon Cultist

One faction of dragon cultists is still missing: The Black Wing of Tiamat. I was running out of miniatures at that point during painting, and I only had one figure left. So now I present to you: The one cultist of the Black Wing: A lone archer.

For this miniature, I converted the last remaining GW Easterling Warrior and put a half-orc head from my bits box on it. At first, I wanted him to have a greenish skin, but decided on a more human flesh tone later. It isn’t that special, and I don’t have pictures of the process of painting.


The figure was painted using the same color palette and methods as the blue and purple dragon cultists. But instead of the colored cloak, I just painted in dark grey, washed it with black and highlighted it back with dark grey.

The only thing different with this mini, is the head. I choose a pale flesh color and then added black warpaint, a black goatee beard and an short Mohawk hairstyle. This guy is gonna be an assassin archer kind of cultist. In the last step, as always, I added static grass and sealed the mini with matte varnish spray.

Here is the finished miniature: