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Fire Giant (WizKids Storm King's Thunder 32B)

D&D Repaint: WizKids Fire Giant

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The party helped the people of Triboar to defend the town from a Fire Giant raid. Led by a single giant, a bunch of magmins and orogs tried to raid the town to get an old giant artifact. This was the first encounter with a true giant in the Storm King’s Thunder campaign – and the party was at level 5. I bought a Wizkids Miniature from the Storm King’s Thunder set before. After giving it a repaint, I used it for this encounter (and many others later).

The huge miniature from Wizkids is impressive, as it is significantly larger than the previous miniatures for giants from the old D&D miniature lines in the early 2000s. This fire giantess in particular is the Fire Giant (Warhammer) 32B from the Storm King’s Thunder set of the Dungeons & Dragons Icons of the Realms brant, released in September 2016. The sculpt is cool, complete with a banded armor of plates and a nice warhammer. Also, it’s refreshing to have a female giant as the base miniature for the Fire Giants in this line.

WizKids Icons of the Realms: Fire Giant (Warhammer), Storm King’s Thunder #32B

Obviously, the miniature only features a simple factory paint job. The face is barely recognizable and the armor looks kinda dull. Time to give it a new paint job!

Basing and Priming

The base is “huge” (3-inch) and the miniature is firmly glued on it. I roughed up the base with sand paper and added small pebbles and sand. I did not prime the figure, as I did not want to repaint the whole mini, just adding here and there.


I started with the skin and repainted it in ash gray/dark sea gray with some highlights and shadows. Next, I painted the face with dark eyes and glowing orange pupils. For the hair, I used a mix of orange, red, and yellow – the same recipe as with my last Reaper Fire Giants. The factory job also did not feature eyebrows, so the face felt unnatural.

Then it was time for the armor. I repainted the red skirt a bit, but kept most of it intact. For the metal armor I used Vallejo Airbrush Metal Colors Silver and Steel. The same goes for the warhammer. The dark bronze tone from the factory paint job was replaced by a bold Gold. Finally, I used a black wash to add shadows and contrasts in the recesses.

For the base, I decided on a neutral gray. The giant could be standing in a mine shaft or something like that. In the end, I almost did repaint the entire figure, but I really love how she turned out. My players were really freaked out when I brought her to the table: “Are we really fighting a Fire Giant right now?” and it was all worth it. The party was victorious, but it took a hell of a fight to take the Fire Giantess down.