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Skorg Ironskull, Fire Giant King (77101) and Vanja, Fire Giant Queen (77100)

Fire Giant King Skorg Ironskull and Vanja, Fire Giant Queen

The second part of the Fire Giants features the Fire Giant King and the Fire Giant Queen from the first Reaper Bones Kickstarter. I painted them together with the Fire Giant Warrior and Bodyguard. Together, these four miniatures look fantastic, even though they are not large enough for the Dungeons and Dragons scale for Fire Giants.

As I already wrote in the last blog post, these Fire Giant miniatures are more fitting for Pathfinder than for Dungeons and Dragons scale wise. Nonetheless, Jason Wiebe did a great job in sculpting them, and they look really cool.

The Fire Giant King, Skorg Ironskull (77101) wears a crown and a cloak made out of dragon scales. This is definitely a boss miniature. The Fire Giant Queen, Vanja (77100) also wears a circlet that can pass as a crown and lots of jewelry. But she could also pass for a priestess, spellcaster or elite fighter. I think it is a very versatile miniature.

Others also seem to think so: There are tons of pictures of painted Vanjas and Skorg Ironskulls on the internet. Here are four cool versions for Vanja:

Again, you have to love these artworks by Reaper’s designers! I tried to paint my miniatures as close as possible to the artworks. I found an artwork for all the fire giants except for the Fire Giant King.

Basing and Priming

As the giants were too small for 3-inch bases, I used 60 mm bases from Tabletop Art. I love their Stonefloor Bases and I bought quite a lot of them for future projects.

As usual, I primed the miniatures by airbrushing them in black and white.


First, I painted the bases. Instead of dirt between the stone floor, I wanted to have molten metal. These are fire giants, after all!

Second, I painted the skin with stone gray, added some highlights with light stone gray and then applied a wash for the shadows. Then, I painted the black metal armors and the hair. The hair was the most fun part, as you seldom have the chance for real fire-colored hair on a larger scale.

Overall, painting these miniatures was a blast. They were finished just in time for my groups encounter with them, deep in the mines of the dwarven stronghold of Gauntlgrym. Did I mention, they are not super huge? Here are King and Queen compared to other Reaper miniatures:

Here are both finished fire giants from various angles, including the whole group! I like how Vanja turned out, but I do not really love the end result with of the Fire Giant King.