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Fire Giant Bodyguard (77615)

A couple of years ago, I painted the Fire Giants from Reaper Miniatures. These were great figures, even if they were a little small for D&D 5th edition. Apparently more people thought so, and Reaper redid these figures in the third Kickstarter. They are more or less the same figures, but at 150% the size of the older minis. Also, they are made of the new gray Bones material and have finer details. Of course I bought them and painted them for my Storm King’s Thunder campaign! Let’s start with the Fire Giant Bodyguard.

The Fire Giant Bodyguard (776125) was sculpted by Chris Lewis, who kept it pretty close to the original (77179) from Jason Wiebe. The figure is based on the artwork below and features a two-handed oversized sword. The pose is a little different, as the new figure is standing more upright. Other than that, the details of the armor are basically the same. I have a comparison of both painted minis at the bottom of the post.

Fire Giant Artwork

Basing and Priming

This huge miniature needed a big 3-inch base. I bought a couple of 3-inch flagstone bases that would look similar to the old bases from the older Fire Giants and pinned the Bodyguard on it. Then, I primed it using the airbrush in black and white.


For the color scheme, I just used the same colors from the old Fire Giant Bodyguard, inspired by the Artwork at the top of the blog post. This time however, I painted the Fire Giant skin tone a little lighter, so the contrast of the armor would work better. And instead of polished, deep saturated gold, I used old gold for the decorations.

Finally, I tried the heat-glow effect of the sword again. I think it worked better here, because I used more red and orange compared to the old Fire Giants. I am very happy with the final result!

Here is a comparison of the new (huge) and the old Reaper Bones Fire Giant Bodyguard: