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GF9: Rezmir the Black

One of the villains in the Tyranny of Dragons storyline is Rezmir, the black wyrmspeaker. She’s a black half-dragon and wields a legendary greatsword. Luckily, there’s a miniature for her from GaleForce9.

Rezmir the Black by Bryan Syme

Rezmir’s miniature was part of the Dragon Cultists Boxed Set, same as Talis the White, Severin the Red and Varram the White. I haven’t gotten around to paint the others except Talis, yet. The quality of the figures is okay, but not great. They are made of resin and contain many fragile parts. I read that some people had problems painting them, as their colors did not stick well enough. But the Vallejo primer did its job perfectly, I did not have any problems with the paint at all.

Rezmir is a female black half-dragon wearing purple robes and swinging a black greatsword. Bryan Syme perfectly captured the look of this important NPC, and the miniature was modelled after this image. I tried to stay as true to the colors as possible.

Basing and Priming

As always were airbrushed with black primer and then dusted with white primer to achieve basic shading.


First, I painted the base with a blue-ish grey base color, then washed it with black ink and finally drybrushed it in two steps of light grey.

Rezmir’s skin was basecoated in a dark grey and washed black. I reapplied the base skin tone and then drybrushed it with a 1:4 dark grey/sky grey mix.

For the robes, I mixed two different purple tones like I did for the other cultists. I added black and started with the dark areas, gradually getting lighter. The final highlights were achieved with a little bit of white in the base purple. I struggled with the gold ornamentation of her robes. I first tried to paint small gold lines, it became a undetailed mess. Even with blacklining, the patterns did not stand out well enough and looked to roughly painted. I then settled to painting the whole belt in gold. I did not highlight here, but used a little bit of brown in the gold to create a color for the shadows. Remember, I do not use the NMM technique, as I don’t find it very realistic looking and takes ages to perfect (yes, I’m too lazy to really learn it).

Finally, I added some details: the purple pommel of the greatsword, Rezmir’s eyes, teeth and horns as well as the dark brown belt and golden belt buckle. Done.

Rezmir was a fine boss encounter, and my players really were afraid of her powers (as it should be!). They finally took her down and then went on to the other big boss encounter of the Hoard of the Dragon Queen – which I will post next 😉