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Nerovain’s Stronghold

Today, I have another battle map for you: Neronvains Stronghold from the Rise of Tiamat adventure. If you don’t want to play the adventure, you could also use the map as a generic forest hideout/green dragon lair.

This article contains spoilers for the Rise of Tiamat campaign. If you intend to play it, please be warned.

I thought the map of Neronvains Stronghold in the Rise of Tiamat book looked to much like video game overview map, but not much like a cool battle map. My group plays with a ceiling-mounted projector, so we can use all these great battle maps floating through the internet for our game. I designed my own battlemap in the summer for Castle Skyreach from Hoard of the Dragon Queen. For Neronvains Stronghold, I wanted a map to convey the mood of a green dragon’s lair. So I rebuilt the map from the book with free assets from the web. If you are running this adventure or are just in need of a cool green dragon lair, please feel free to use my map.

The map features:

  • A hidden entrance to lair behind a waterfall.
  • A lair of a couple of ettins.
  • An ancient shrine to Eldath, the goddess of peace and waterfalls in the Forgotten Realms.
  • Quarters of evil humanoids, serving a Green Dragon, including
  • A sunken ruin, now used as lair by a Green Dragon. A hole in the ceiling lets in some light.

The battlemap was created with 100 by 60 squares. I have attached a version with and one without a grid below. For your convienience here is a version with a legend, using the same numbers as in the Rise of Tiamat book.

Neronvain’s Stronghold with Green Dragon Lair

You can download the map here in 5000x 3000 px resolution, without numbers: