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GF9: Severin the Red

Spoiler warning! The main antagonist of the entire campaign is the Red Wyrmspeaker Severin Silrajin, the high priest of Tiamat in the Forgotten Realms and leader of the Cult of the Dragon. Gale Force Nine has miniatures for all the cult’s leaders, including Severin.

Severin’s miniature is part of the Dragon Cultists Boxed set (71034). It comes together with Rezmir the Black, Talis the White and Varram the White, which I already painted – except Varram.

Severin the Red Wyrmspeaker by Bryan Syme

All the miniatures from the boxed set are made from relatively fragile resin. Especially Rezmir has a very thin arm, holding a huge sword. Severin however, is pretty “compact”, and I had no problems with him at least.

Basing and Priming

The miniature comes with a resin base to pin it on. It’s a nice base and I kept it. I primed the figure via airbrush in black and white as always.


There was no need to think about a color scheme for Severin, as the artwork gave all the directions I needed. Of course, I would paint the cloak and cloth in purple and violet like the other Dragon Cultists.

I tried a different skin tone for Severin, but in the end, it turned out a bit too yellow and looks not very natural.

Severin’s miniature also shows his red dragon wyrmling familiar. This makes the figure pretty unique and shows the connection to the Dragon Cult for even the most inattentive of D&D players at the table.

In the last step, I got a bit wild with the gold. It’s the leader of the Cult! He should be the one with the most gold on the clothes, right? Unfortunately, the gold and his skin tone (hands) do not contrast very well. If I painted this mini again now, I would definitely change the skin color.

Overall, Severin turned out nice. He was essential in the final confrontation and the figure served its role well 🙂

Below you can see Severin with the other Wrymspeakers from the Gale Force 9 set (excluding Varram, because I haven’t used or painted him) and Severin and other top characters from the Cult of the Dragon I painted previously.