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Faceless Horror (Reaper 77114)

Reaper Faceless Horror

How about a very different kind of monster? When I found this one in my bag of the Reaper Bones II Kickstarter, I was startled at first: Is this really a miniature or a molten lump of plastic garbage? This Faceless Horror figure only begins to look like something when you prime it and see more of its contours. But then, it looks scary as hell!

The Faceless Horror (77114) miniature was sculpted by Julie Guthrie. The Reaper Bones version looks good. I see no real difference compared to the metal version. This figure does not have sharp edges or long weapons that could bend in the Bones version. It’s a “large” miniature, so it would need to be based on a 2-inch base. As you can probably see, unpainted it is pretty unclear what exactly the figure is supposed to be:

Faceless Horror from the Reaper Miniatures website

The D&D monster behind this figure is the Gibbering Mouther. It’s a (medium-sized) aberration in 5th Edition and is described as a composite of eyes, mouths, and liquefied matter of former victims of foul magic. Yikes!

Basing and Priming

The miniature barely fits on a 2-inch plastic base, but that’s good enough. I’ve glued on some sand and pebbles and primed the miniature in black and white. And new, you can see what it’s supposed to be!


In the Dungeons and Dragons monster manuals, this creature is often shown in fleshy, reddish color tones. So basically, these are variants of skin colors. I wanted my version to look more unhealthy, maybe even like rotten/undead flesh. So, I chose a more purplish skin.

I did not use paintbrushes to paint the eyes – they were too small for me and too frustrating to paint. Instead, I used a Mignon Pen for the dozens or more eyes. That may be cheating, but it worked well for me 😉