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Crystal Golem (Reaper 77309)

Crystal Golem (77309)

The translucent plastic miniatures are not too much work to paint. Most of the time, they are translucent, so you can see much of it in the respective color. I didn’t need the Crystal Golem from the Reaper Bones II Kickstarter for my ongoing campaign at the time. But I hadn’t painted in a while then, and I just wanted to get a miniature done quickly.

The Crystal Golem (7730) is made in translucent blue. I think the final retail version of this figure is in a different blue, having a more greenish tint. The miniature was sculpted by Gene Van Horne. It looks decent enough, but I think I wouldn’t have bought it if it was not part of the Kickstarter package. I haven’t used it in any game so far, but you never know, right? 😉

Basing and Priming

The miniature is made of translucent plastic, so priming it would not be a good idea. I learned from past mistakes and did not apply a wash this time. However, the shadows are not that pronounced now.

I based the figure on a 2-inch plastic base and did my usual thing: Just putting sand and pebbles on it.


In my opinion, this looks like an ice golem. It could be different crystals and all, but the blue tint made it icy for me at least. That’s why I chose to paint it as an ice elemental/golem type of creature.

I could have chosen to be serious about painting the face, eyes, and mouth of the ice creature, but I didn’t. I think it works good enough with just white highlights. So that’s basically all I did here. Just dry brushing on some white. And as you can see in the pictures below, I wasn’t very patient, too. Looking at the figure now, I should at least have dry brushed the arms more carefully.

After “painting” the miniature, I’ve added some snow effects on the base. I used Citadel snow medium for this and I very much like the result/quality of the snow.

So, a couple of minutes of dry brushing and maybe half an hour of painting the base, here is the Crystal Golem!