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Young Fire Dragon Conversion

What the heck, I just post another dragon. Two, actually. These Reaper Bones Young Fire Dragons (77026) were used without their wings to resemble Guard Drakes. I used them for a long time just in black and white, but now the are finally finished.

To be honest, they’re not my best or most creative work. But as miniatures, they were perfect for my D&D campaign. I introduced them as the dragon mounts of the Cult of the Dragon pretty early on. They were to resemble large versions of Guard Drakes or Ambush Drakes. Drakes are draconic creatures and related to wyverns, but they don’t have wings. So I found the Reaper Bones Young Fire Dragon to be perfect figures to use as drakes, because they are the right size and they are really cheap. Just remove the wings and you’re done. Fun fact: I used the wings of one dragon for my conversion of the WizKids Coper Dragon into a Green Dragon.

Basing and Priming

The shading was done as usual with a black and white primer. I actually used the miniatures in this stage in my campaign for about 8 months or so. Players could easily imagine “This one is a green drake and that one is a black drake”. However, at some point, I had to finish them, so I did.


I had two of them. I decided to paint one as a red and the other as a blue drake. First, I painted the base, which I had previously designed with a very rocky terrain. I then gave each drake a basecoat with a smokey/blackish red and blue, respectively. Their belly scales were painted with VMC Yellow Ochre.

I wasn’t sure about the color of their crests. For some reason I decided on a dark color theme and just used black for both drakes. In hindsight, I should have used more vibrant colors. They look a bit dull now, I think. The scales were drybrushed with slightly lighter hues of the base colors and washed with black ink. The vegitation