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Copper Dragon Repaint

Repaint: D&D Copper Dragon

Time for another dragon! I converted one of the two Medium Copper Dragons (#20 Blood War Set) from WizKids into a green dragon a couple of months ago. The other one was just repainted again as a Copper Dragon.

A player character in my D&D campaign has a secret, that was came into play during the final battle in The Hoard of the Dragon Queen. He’s in the body of a dwarf, but in reality, he is a Copper Dragon. He was punished by Bahamat for ancient crimes he slowly starts to remember. During the battle, Bahamut transformed him back into a Copper Dragon to help defeat the evil cultists.

The dragon miniature from 2006’s Blood War Set (#20) is really pretty and fits perfectly for a transformed/polymorphed player. The factory paint job is not bad, but I wanted to improve it a little bit further.

Basing and Priming

As always, the first stage was airbrushing the figure with black and white primer to achieve a basic shading.


I gave the scales of the dragon a basecoat of Vallejo Model Colors Copper. For the belly scales I used VMC Silver. Next, I applied a dark brown wash to the whole miniature.

I then drybrushed some more VMC copper on the scales, to make them shiny. Claws and horns were painted black. Finally, the eyes were painted in VMC Silver. Pretty simple, fast and nothing special.